Robert Ostrochovsky

By youoregon1

Moment Of Reflection in the Middle of the Fountain

We walked around Braga today and there were some very special moments.

#2 - Moment of Hushpuppy Transcendence 
#3 - Wait a Moment Please While I Connect You
#4 - The Moment You Say "This Is Gonna Go With My Jeans"
#5 - A Societal Moment, To Antifa or Not To Antifa

And then there is the Moment, that we all fear. Realising that at this moment, this "Moment" Theme is really meant for next Mono Monday, August 26.

But, I will say I am in the "Middle" of an important decision. And I am going with this one anyway.

Thank you 60plus.  The theme for today is indeed Middle.

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