A Strand of Hair

in the middle of her face. 
Could have chosen anything but at the last minute checked out what Mono Monday was doing. This is what came out of it. The theme was "middle"......so maybe strand of hair in the middle of her face ????
We shall see. 

Today we had them as its just before going back to school and they needed them looking after. We share the job. Mr AF does mornings and I do the afternoons. The weather was rotten but I got a lucky slot in the afternoon to take them out. ..........to the farm again but there is always something to do and they love the soft play in there. They were amusing as usual. I had to lie down later but I got their bath in before mummy gave them their tea and took them home. 

Now going to get dinner and watch the second half of yesterday's 
'Handmaiden's tale"....................

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