By Pinkhairedlady

So we bought one!

Off to Tyne and Wear this morning to look at a potential purchase. 5 hours in the car (there and back) plus a 20 minute test drive. I have a bit of a numb bottom.

We looked at a few but nothing appealed other than the one we had drive down to see so after a little bit of haggling we are now the owners of an Auto trail Delaware S. It’s an ex demonstrator so is a 2018 model but is gorgeous!
In the time it took to pay the deposit and do the paperwork, it could have been sold a further twice. Odd as it has been on the forecourt for over a year.

We will pick it up the second week in September as don’t have time to head back down again between now and then.

I’m a bit behind with commenting but will need to leave that till tomorrow as I am very tired so heading off for another early night.
Thank you so much for all your comments and stars - very much appreciated.

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