By Lsquare

The Legacy Of Photography....

When people know that you love to take pictures and someone they love passes away, unless they are into photography themselves, eventually they come to the point where they come up to you and say, "I have these cameras and/or lenses that I don't need any more----would you be interested?".  That is how I acquired everything you see here, except for one thing---can you guess what that one thing is?  Of course, I couldn't show you the camera and tripod that my husband and I bought for me to use as my go-to camera, because I had to take this picture with it.  The Nikon D3000 I use most often was a compromise camera.  It can be used as a full-on point and shoot, which satisfied me when I started.  But, it was capable of being fully manually adjusted, which suited my husband's desires for a camera---and it could cover anything in between if I wanted to learn---which I eventually have---thanks to Blip and the wonderful people who gather here.  I had a free membership to Blip for almost a year before I posted my first picture, because I didn't think my photos were good enough.  I am so glad that I finally figured out that being good enough is not what this place is all about, because posting a picture every day motivates me to get out of my house, out into the sun, and the wind, to hear the birds and find the treasures I never would have noticed before.  I am learning every day about photography and my husband is helping me learn to make use of so many of these things I have been given. Happy World Photography Day and thank you Blip for inspiring me and for all the friends I have made here!  

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