michigan man

By outdoorguy

Six Catches of the Stretches

It was down by the water,
in the feather-filled grass.
Two swans weren't a-swimming,
they were stretching their mass.

I approached with my camera,
watching the swan yoga class.
My only question being...
was this the lad or the lass?

"Do you have to be so forward?
Do you have to be so crass?
Can't you just back away...
and leave us to our yoga class?"

So, I did.

That's the end of my tall tale,
that's the end of the story.
And if you look in my Extras...
you'll see a new horse named Tori.

I met Tori's owner.

P.S. This is 6 shots of one swan. When the pair finished their class and stood next to each other...I'm pretty sure this was the female.

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