Words and Pictures

By Arja

Tower Tuesday: Bowyer

Some of the Tower’s skyline’s not quite as ancient as the crenellations might suggest...

On Bowyer Tower, and a few others, the horizontal join is really obvious between the smooth 1200s stonework and the ‘rustic’ rough 1800s facing above it.

A bit like a muggle’s Room of Requirement, the buildings on and around the inner and outer walls were adjusted so much to suit the Tower’s purposes as a fortress, palace and prison over hundreds of years that, by the early 1800s, it was a real jumble of architectural styles. Until the ‘re-medievalisation’ of the Tower was started by Salvin in the 1840s.

Another constructive session this morning, fuelled by biscuits. And more summer visitors - just turned seven, C *really* impressed me by identifying London Plane trees and giving me facts about their pollution tolerance.

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