By MidgeholeDave

Mount Zion Baptist Chapel

Located in the rather delightfully named Slack Top area of Heptonstall, Hebden Bridge, this imposing chapel was built in 1878. It closed and was deconsecrated in 1974.
In 1984, Barbara Brandolani–Margassa, a high priestess of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Blade in Manchester – had plans to buy the building and convert it to a pagan temple.  It would appear that the chapel's 22 windows represented the 22 cards in a tarot pack!!
After considerable opposition and support from the villagers and Baptist ministers a charitable trust was set up with plans to raise £23,000 to buy the building for re-use as a chapel and a field study centre. The building was bought by Rev Percy Nuttall, a retired Baptist minister from Burnley. Unfortunately he died a few days before the centre opened in 1988.
The building is Grade 2 listed and needed a great deal of work. I believe  it is currently used as some form of Residential Centre - but I don't know any details.

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