By Yorkshirebred

Tiny Tuesday

Sorry if this is a bit blurred - matches my eyes at the moment! Sorting jewellery this evening, and this tiny brooch is just slightly larger than the end of my thumb, so thought it a good candidate for Tiny Tuesday. It is one of many items of jewellery which belonged to my mother. I have so much jewellery - many items never worn as I tend to always wear the same thing, so really need to sort things out. Saw consultant this morning, and contrary to what the optician said, he wants to operate on my “good eye” first - should be fun trying to find my way round if the eye is blurry when I get home as no sight at all in the other eye at the moment! The “bad eye” he thinks is worth doing, but the cataract is rather different, and more complicated to remove (didn’t want to hear the details!). As I have holidays in September, as does he, he thinks it will be early October, so good job I did get some stronger glasses to put me on!

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