By Kipsie

Breakfast in the sunshine

Late to bed, early to rise ............ makes you healthy, wealthy & wise. One out of three's not bad. LOL!! Not according to my husband ..  He's not a morning person by any means. In the old days he would drag himself to the golf course for an early tee off time but not any more. Me, I'm definitely a morning person. Jobs to do. First, sustenance  .. yogurt & granola with very fresh, locally picked blueberries in the sunshine. It's a lovely time to just look around and enjoy the colours and sounds. I like all plants, big bold colours, pastels, foliage shapes, colours, and patterns. The tiny flowers of this species pelargonium give me so much pleasure too. The dainty flowers, the soft grey leaves, even the terracotta pots that I've planted them in. They live in the greenhouse through the Winter, sadly a little neglected, hence their somewhat haphazard appearance, but even that adds to their charm & quirkiness. I like the shadows on the pots. In fact, you could say that I really like these plants and their hangout on the top of this wall. Hence today's photo for Tiny Tuesday.

Breakfast over, I had many trays of plants to squeeze into my Aygo to transfer to the allotment. I got them all in bar 2 single pots plus a pot of lavender cuttings ready to pot up. They will go up tomorrow morning. Unloaded up on the plot. No need to unlock the gate this morning as someone had beaten me to it and was working away on their plot. Plants unloaded, I turned the compost in the first bin, that will be ready for me to use very soon. Made a sandwich in bin two. On top of the rotting matter I added a layer of old beech leaves then topped it with a bag of horse manure.
Tidied up the pumpkin & squash plants removing some of the old leaves, checking for slug damage. Delicately opened one of the corn cobs to see if they were ready. The hairy tassels are turning brown which is an indication but I think they need another week. Everyone on the site is paranoid about badgers rampaging through their corn patches. Apparently 3 years ago someone had been growing a patch of corn, nearly ready for harvesting when a badger came in, flattened the lot, ate the cobs then scarpered, so there is now wire mesh etc. around corn crops. Well I don't have enough fencing to barricade mine in so I'm just keeping everything crossed. Mine survived last year, & tasted delish.  I picked raspberries, blackberries, runner beans, & more courgettes plus a bunch of sweet peas for mum. It's shopping day today :) Back home, grabbed a coffee then nipped up the town to pick up a Chudfest Garden & produce Show schedule, to check out the classes.

Picked mum up ... she was a bit het up, she woke in the middle of the night, then for some unknown reason tried to remember her  bank debit card number, & could'nt. Still could'nt remember it when I called to pick her up. Fortunately I remembered it from a couple of years back when I used to do some of the transactions for her. She is so fit & switched on that I forget she's 87. I need to spend a bit more time with her, helping her in the garden etc.  Hubby won't be very happy. He's very jealous of my relationship with my mum.  We go to Plants Galore first. I need to find a specimen conifer for G & J's garden. We could not believe the amount of Summer bedding etc. being marked down. It was phenomenal. Somebody had got their figures way out, I dread to think how much their wastage will be. Not a conifer any where, apart from 3 pruned spirals at £99 each. I picked up 2 packs of parsnip seedlings which looked fresh & healthy so they will be going on plot 29b tomorrow morning. Next stop Trago Mills petrol station to buy compost for mum, it's so useful having it for sale there rather than having to traipse through the store to purchase it., before heading across to the Coop to shop. I'd remembered mum's pin number correctly. Relief! Mum shops every fortnight at the Coop & I can guarantee every fortnight she gets a 50pence off voucher for red wine, so every fortnight after going through the checkout with her main shop she goes back in to get another bottle of red wine. Back in CK for a coffee & Danish, our treat :) I went out to the garage to photograph the steamer trunk to advertise it for sale, but the bamboo structure inside the fabric lining disintegrated as I lifted the lid. Cancel that idea then. Recycle centre addition. Home to unpack shopping. Hubby has had a tumble in the garden, banged his head, & bruised his elbow so feeling a little shaky. Apparently his leg "just gave way". I suggest he uses a stick but he won't hear of it. Won't exercise to strengthen his leg, so not much more I can do. It makes me a little angry & frustrated. He says he feels okay & does'nt want me to fuss. He's been to Newton Abbot while I've been out with mum, & bought me a sliver St Christopher pendant to replace the one belonging to my late brother which I somehow lost from the chain around my neck. A lovely thought. He's also bought a Sony compact stereo system,  tape, CD & radio. I leave him to fiddle with that and get it set up, he 's not planning on going out so I head off to G&J's to do a couple of hours gardening. When I get back .. no hubby, no stereo system, so he's obviously gone off to pick someone's brain to set it up.

I watched another episode of Portrait Artist of the Year 2019, I love to see the different techniques, mediums and stages of completing the portraits. There is some amazing talent out there.  Then it was time to make dinner.

Thanks to Nickimags888 for hosting Tiny Tuesday

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