By Kernow

Sundown on the Moors

Well that was an interesting day. It started well on the park and ride to Whitby, a stroll along to the end of the pier and a (made in Cornwall) pasty lunch. We then successfully completed our planned 5-mile walk around the east and north of the town finishing at the bottom of the 199 steps that lead to the Abbey, an ice cream reward to boot.

Back to the cottage to relax and plan the rest of the day when.... Millie pups decided to attack a wasp and came away the injured party. Since wasp stings can have serious consequences, and that she was in some distress, we tracked down a vet who was still open until 7pm. Trouble was we were 30 minutes away and only 45 minutes to spare. Thankfully we did get there in time, the Mups had an injection and some pills to take and we handed over £40 for the service.

On the bright side, we stopped on the way back so that I could capture a few images of the stunning landscape. By this time however our plans had gone out of the window and we were pretty hungry but we knew of a pub sort of on the way back. We only entered the car park only to find that they finished serving food 5 minutes earlier! Back to Whitby and we resorted to a takeaway pizza, which was alright as it happens..

And Millie pups seems to have recovered. All's well that ends well.

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