Out of the woods

By Ulrike

Just melting here

Look at this gorgeous little family found in a garden begging for food.
Amanda, the mum, ist such a sweetheart, and she is missing her tale, so she looks so petite and cute.
Stumpy, the little red one, is also missing his tale, so we think it might be a genetic mutation, not an accident.
They will have a check at the vet soon and when ready, be put up for adoption. Those heartbreaker will find new homes soon, I am sure.
At the same time, we got 6 kittens in yesterday, about three weeks old from a farm where the farmer wanted to shoot the whole family. Today we also got mum-cat in (see extra) and she is reunited with her kittens in a fosterhome. 
It is so heartbreaking how little value a cats life has for some people while we work so much to better the conditions for the four-legged by demanding mandatory neutering and chipping for all outdoor cats. 

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