By cabbagetree

Dog Training

I went to Christchurch to get my groceries. On the way home I stopped at a sports domain to eat my lunch. While I was there police arrived with dogs. I packed up to leave, but then noticed that one of the men was padded up. I asked if I could take photos. The senior officer seemed pleased. He explained that they were training a young dog. He was to be let off the chain three times. The first two times the “fugitive” would escape and the third time he would be caught and bitten. He showed me the best place to stand in view of the tennis enclosure.

It was very exciting. The dog was so fast! Each time he returned to the handler when called, and bit on a thingy the handler held out for him. The handler kept shouting "Good dog!" In the shot above the handler is reaching for the chain to tether the dog. In the extra shots the fugitive is escaping, and later being caught.

Unfortunately I had only my SX60, which is good for close ups, but awkward for this job. The DSLR with the zoom lens was at home.

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