By JohnW

Bit of a Hard Drive

Yesterday I blipped that I was having trouble with my pooter.
Today I bit the bullet and looked seriously at putting a spec together for a replacement, including the dreaded Windows 10.
I was thinking of using much the same spec we did for Mrs W’s pooter last autumn, but I wanted to make sure that I could fit my data drive, and as I could not see where to put Mrs W’s data hard drive in her pooter a while back I phoned up PC Specialists to ask advice.  “Take the other side cover off” I was told . . . (doh!).
So we looked for Mrs W’s data drive which had been put in a very safe place with me muttering the words “When I look for this drive this is where it is” . . .  (don’t say or think anything!!).
I did find a very old hard drive which is not compatible with any of our pooters so I took it to pieces to destroy before recycling it, but it looked rather splendid so it is now in a display cabinet.  I took it out to get this photo.

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