By Winsford

Waiting ....

Taken a the Pleasance waiting for Brioney Kimming's I'm a Phoenix, Bitch to start. It was worth the wait - an incredible piece of theatre exploring a rather awful year in her life. Incredibly powerful. This  performance was also signed and caoptioned and the signer was absolutely incredible.

Now waiting in Lyceum for Hard to Be Soft: a Belfast Prayer. 

In today's other news I waited to speak to Apple Support this morning who couldn't support me (unless asking me to continue using iPad and taking screenshots on error message is support) and then waited for a bus to JL and at JL to be told only thing they can do is send iPad away. So now waiting for outcome of that (10 to 14 days) and for response to subsequent complaint made to customer services. 

However as Brioney Kimmings demonstrated there are more concerns in grander scheme of things. 

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