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By Sallymair

Cap that

'Really', says Cleo, 'Who is this Pickle Schmickle? I can cap any picture of her's! '.. which she did by sitting in Colin's cap!.... Something which Pickle couldn't do because the relevant part of her anatomy is less petite!

Church this morning then I came home intending to have a quick 40 winks because I was tired but instead headed over to Ali's and did her front garden bed. It's not very big but was full of weeds, it now has some rescue polyanthus in it which will hopefully look good in a few months. (extra)

I made an extremely tasty, if I do say so myself, coq au vin for dinner. Church grown potatoes, shallots, beans and home grown thyme, all very healthy and good for the carbon footprint.

Finished the activities of the day by making a small batch of rowan jelly from the berries I picked at church this morning. It set beautifully.

12876 steps today. Over 12500 steps on 6 days out of 7 this week so beat my target which is 5 days.

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