By Rosemarie55

Swan escorted by Ducks!

18° C  -  9 mph Wind  -  feels more like 19  -  Partly Sunny  -  Rainy.  Went round Keptie Pond in Arbroah this morning hoping to find some Herons.  None to be seen, and only this lone Swan  escorted by a couple of Ducks.  Three Fountains have been added to the Pond since my last visit  -  they feed water from a nearby Spring which helps to keep the Pond water clear and fresh.  You can see the story around the man who made that possible  -  HERE.  My extra shows one of the Fountains.  I was happy to see notices telling people not to feed bread to the birds  -  only seed and veg.  Shopped at Morrisons on my way home -  four boxes of Potato Gratins and a box of Jägermeister minitures!

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