Snapshots of my world

By yeeeeed

Up and down the bridges!

A stunning cycle ride today in places that seemed almost unreal! Tiny little paths by the canal side with gorgeous cottages complete with thatched roofs. I do love a thatched roof!! So many of the houses have their own bridge with a garage close by...a garage for a small boat though! It's very quaint and really like another world. :-)

We visited Giethoorn on route today which is described as a nearly car free village where people travel almost entirely by bike, foot or boat. However, as amazing as the network of canals are, it appears to have become a victim of its own success in my opinion! Lots of coach trips made it exceptionally busy and not half as beautiful as the places off the beaten track. Often the way though isn't it! Still, great to experience the place all the same. :-)

Here I am enjoying going over one of the wee bridges!

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