George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry


We know!!  We actually wented for a walk. 

And not just any old walk - a long one right around by the railway station, and we did have to stop for a drink half way on account of we got so excited.  And we did see a dog and barked like crazy, and then we did see lots of people and didn't bark at all.

Just goes to show that we can dis ... discrim ... decide what we are going to bark about.

SHE did tell a story about Mishy and how she hated bikes and people .... but she'd wait until they had gone past, and then let out a volley to their retreating back.  And she could be very loud when she wanted to be. She nearly made one boy fall off his bike, he was so surprised. 

We'd never do anything like that!  Of course not.   Not us.

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