Gcse results and college enrolling

Erin’s mother Janette turned up at 8 am and drove Gulliver, Erin and I to the school, it opened at 9 am for the kids to go and get their results, Janette and I waited in the playground with a few other parents, the kids came out not long afterwards looking really pleased, they have both passed everything, Gulli did really well, he has worked hard throughout school and has always done his best and I’m so proud of him, I don’t know if you can read the results but here is an explanation of how the new grading system compares with the old one

8 is an a*, 7 is an a, 6 is a like b plus and 5 is a c plus

Erin didn’t need any qualifications to get into her college which is Urdang where she will study musical theatre but in this country if you don’t pass maths and English you have to retake them, she was amazed to get an eight in English, she passed maths so that was great too.

Chatted to a few friends and compare the results with them and then the four of us went to a lovely riverside café in Surbiton for cake and tea to celebrate, then Janette had to go to work and the kids and I walked along the river to Kingston.

We went to Kingston College for Gulliver to enrol which took almost 3 hours, a very exciting process nonetheless, It’s great to get to this point and for him to have made the decision about where he wants to go which is actually where everybody thought was best for him, it’s such a great college with fantastic facilities and teaching staff, he will be doing the level three BTEC in music performance.

Then I took them for lunch at Wagamama to celebrate.

Back home I had to have a bit of a lie down! The kids went off to a friends house where his parents were hosting a party for them all.

I went over to Emmas and she cooked me a chilli con Carne and we had a bottle of wine, I haven’t seen her for a couple of weeks we both been on holiday and that was so great to catch up.

Zebedee was off work sick and we watch some TV together when I got back.

Max went to Paris for lunch as it was our friend Barbara’s birthday, sounds like a fantastic day.

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