By MeMeMe_Mimi

Experimental ...

... is one word for it.
Sofia and I went back to Lee's house after a day out at the park and lunch with the gang (Peacock, Conor, Sophia, Lee, Lucas and Cat).
Lee has an abundant supply of makeup, and as I'm not usually interested in stuff like that, today I gave it a go.
Many times was makeup removed and re-applied, and many times did I scrub at my face and get makeup removal lotion in my eye.
The experimental (which is one word for it) makeovers finally ceased when we were called for dinner from upstairs.
We were stranded down in the basement as Lee's room had been allocated to the Italian students that were arriving that evening.
We washed our eyes as well as we could, but I fear that at dinner I still looked frighteningly sparkly. I certainly got a few strange looks from the two Italians.

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