As the alarm went off at 23:00 yesterday, I went about my normal routine including checking the road conditions. Road blocked due to a multi semi wreck. Sigh. Being three hours away, there is no reason to wake my boss up yet as maybe the road will be open by then. Sure enough it was open but miles of backup takes awhile to clear. I got to my first customer with 20 minutes to spare.. Lots of stuff happening at work. Some good, some not so good.. All I know is I will likely sleep in the truck again on Monday.

After work today I headed to my happy place for a walk. Over a dozen types of birds where seen, including a hawk. As I rounded the second to last corner I was 50 feet from a beautiful buck. We shared a moment before he hopped over the fence and on its way. Sometimes the moment is more important than a picture.

Celebrating the youngest (my generation) cousins birthday tomorrow and then seeing my dad on Sunday... Lots of relaxing in between. After being up for 22 hours now, bedtime. I hope everyone have a lovely weekend

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