Rapanui - Shag Rock.....

......although since the earthquakes it's now know as Shag Pile as it's been reduced in size.

Rapanui means the great sternpost. It stands at the entrance of the Heathcote/Avon estuary guiding the way into the estuary. It is one of the oldest landmarks of the South Island. This area was once rich in shellfish, flatfish and birdlife and was a famous source of eels, waterfowl, and various types of harakeke (native flax).

Geologically referred to as a “sea stack”, Shag Rock is a volcanic remnant of coastal erosion processes that have been underway for a long time. 

It was the perfect day for an amble along the beach with blipper JMK by my side. A bit breezy, amazing sky above, lots of dog walkers and excitable dogs as sticks and balls were thrown into the sea.

After our amble we headed into the city by the Avon River, it was a lovely way to spend the day. Thanks J for a lovely time :)

A couple of extras of Cave Rock with the signal station against that amazing sky I mentioned earlier.

Happy Saturday everyone :)

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