Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104



Oh my, what a week! Normally I enjoy being at home due to the fact that I can get so much done during the evenings, sneak out during the day for some photography and just generally relax a bit. There was very little of that this week as work has just been bonkers. Today I was at my laptop at 5:18am, had done three Skype meetings by 9am and then sneaked out to the hairdressers at 10am. I can answer emails from my mobile phone so kept clearing the inbox until I got back home again. I did 2 lots of washing and set my out of office message at 13:00. However, I had 3 meetings to attend to before 4pm when I finally closed my laptop for 2 weeks - hurrah! I dread to think what awaits me upon my return but I am not worrying about that now!
I sat and watched the long tailed tits for a short while whilst having a rest to watch the cricket(I wish I hadn't bothered!) and waiting for the LTTs who have become more frequent visitors to the garden. 
Our traditional chippy tea, some ironing and packing and I was in my bed by just after 10pm. 

Sorry for not being around at all this week, but I hope to spend some more time on blip on our journey down to London. It might take some time by the sounds of it. 

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