By TheOttawacker

Academy soccer at its finest

A visit to the wilds of Blackburn Hamlet to watch my godson play for the Barça Academy team against Oshawa. A very good performance indeed in a scrappy 2-2 draw.

But. (There is, of course, a but.) Why are Canada's future footballers playing in a Dome in the summer? Domes are great in the winter, but football is meant to be played on grass. It is where all our opponents hone their skills, and puts Canada at a disadvantage at the very moment when techniques and vision are being learned. It is, not to be too harsh, moronic.

And don't get me started on the Academy system over here and the Barcelona money-making/gouging/rip-off that is pretty much ubiquitous in developing soccer countries. A more flagrant case of capitalistic exploitation you wouldn't wish to see. Mes que un club indeed. They rival Trump in their excessive greed.

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