By Majoayee

Sibling fun?

I have neither brothers nor sisters nor has Ro so we find it hard to always understand the bond between siblings where one minute they are teasing each other quite mercilessly and the next doing lots of good things for each other!  This morning I asked again for a photo and they agreed so here are the three!

This morning I woke them at 9.30 with the fact that if everyone was ready to leave at 10:00 we would have a Toby breakfast!  It didn't take long and we were all in the Toby for the 'as much as you want to eat' breakfast!!  A brunch really!  I really enjoyed the selection as everyone had something they liked!  

Home and Ro and I played a game of 5 Crowns with 17yo while the girls ....???

14yo is studying Romeo and Juliette and annotating her book with lots of notes.  She is doing it really well.  I introduced her to "Still I rise" by Maya Angelou.  She didn't think it could come up in her unseen poem in the exam but then I looked at a website with lots of past unseen poems and there it was!!  Maybe "Phenomenal woman" for next time?

They have all gone to have Ice Cream up on Scout road and then on the men to football and the girls to see Eldest daughter and a trip to Anglesey tomorrow!  I'm left to my own devices till later this evening!

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