My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Something, something 82

Villa 2 Everton 0
Premier League

In all honesty I'd forgotten how impressive Villa Park can be, an example of how to renovate and expand a stadium without losing the tradition and feel of the place, and without pillars. It was jumping tonight.

For 20 minutes Everton were the better team and certainly looked the more likely. But then Villa scored. The whole flow of the game reversed and Villa played really well, allowing Everton to pass it around midfield before breaking with pace time and again, always looking dangerous when they did. The second half just showed the current Everton, lots of nice passing but unable to break down the opposition defence. There were chances but, worryingly, none were converted.

We went for our traditional brotherly match up, this time for Mike's birthday, which unfortunately meant I was sat -quietly- in with the Villa fans, next to the away fans. By the time they scored the second in injury time though I was making no pretence.
At least Mike enjoyed his birthday I suppose.

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