By JohnW

What a Silly Saturday

It all started with a flock of silly geese that had  parked overnight in the field behind us.  They had mistaken the patch of green where the harvester had got stuck, for a pond.
Then we put Luna and McGonagall in there gerbil balls and let them run riot. Biskit thought it great fun, but he did get bullied a lot, even though he did try to spin them.
Then the bailers appeared in the field.  One got stuck but I did not get a good shot – the camera decided to focus on a stem of grass in the foreground!!
The least silly thing that happened was I decided to veg out under our Willow tree this afternoon, which is my main blip photo.  I did have a shot of what I could really see whist relaxing, but just the underside of the Willow tree canopy seemed a bit too silly . . . 
Blip: – me.
Collage at extras:
Centre – Silly geese.
Top left – high speed Biskit (before I put the flash on the camera).
Top right – not so blurry shot of a very harassed Biskit being undertaken.
Bottom right – the bailer just after he had dropped one.
Bottom left – dancing bailers – there were two of them at it, and at one point they were dancing driving around each other.  Silly Bs
Many thanks to Admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

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