Choosing a new hat

The grandchildren have left now. They went fairly early so we only had time to row quickly to Holland, Tom had already swum there apparently, not bad for a one year old. Lucie borrowed my huge gloves( Marigolds) and said they were a perfect fit even though at first we couldn't quite find her fingers in them. 
After they had gone we went down to Alcester where LooseCanon helped me stage some window reflections for the Practical Photography assessment. I'm sure they probably weren't meant to be set up but it's almost impossible to get a candid shot to the specifications in a small provincial town. I'm sure the people who think up these things live in London surrounded by huge plate glass windows and lots of quirky characters.
Here's a photo of him looking in the menswear shop. This wasn't quite what I wanted so I've submitted a different one.  This will also do for Thirty days of composition mono theme. One day I'll get a photo which covers the requirements for all three!

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