Pink Water-speedwell

A breezy late spring day, ideal for a little local plant recording. Pete accompanied me to the Maxey Cut to help me get a specimen of River Water-crowfoot that I needed to check - I'd seen it at the beginning of the month but it was down a steep bank and I wasn't brave enough to try and fetch it on my own. The banks of the Cut were of also of interest with masses of flowering Wild Turnip and Rough Hawk's-beard.

We then went on to try and re-find some plants recorded from the River Welland at Uffington Bridge over twenty years ago. Much of the river bank was inaccessible, but nevertheless managed to find a few of our target species. We failed to find any Blue Water-speedwell (which is fairly uncommon locally) but found this unusually brightly-coloured Pink Water-speedwell. Sometimes these two species can be tricky to tell apart, but there was no mistaking the identity of this one!

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