... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Crane Curves

More and less veiled in large.
Hardhead splashing
Cute crane
Panting in the heat

My mother and I went to the Wetland Centre in the early afternoon; it was very hot and sunny, and most of the birds were just mooching in shady spots and trying to keep cool. We spent time with the emperor geese (of course) and it was nice to see the nēnēs, but it was seeing the demoiselle cranes up close that felt most unusual on this visit. Their enclosure mostly keeps them at a distance (even though they're not exactly shy), but today they were poking about in the bamboo in a part of their enclosure that is closer to the path, so I got different shots from usual, and it was nice to see their sweet faces up close.

Others are on this page (or right from Bewick's swan trying to keep cool)

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