By NinjaShoe


I thought that this weekend would be hectic but in fact it has been far too quiet.  

The main activity was packing for Ben's departure to Hong Kong.  I've done some bits of washing for him and Martin has taken him to get some deodorant from the supermarket, but really we aren't critical to proceedings and he's pretty much doing it himself.

So it's all quiet, and very hot and I've a little knot in my stomach of anxiety and anticipation.  I've no worry that we'll have a repeat of the French Exchange experience (Ben crying on the phone and begging to come home aged 13) but I do expect the culture and living space - he's sharing a room with 2 others - to be a shock to the system and to take some getting used to.

The only other thing has been to help Sam with a very short Psychology questionnaire about dreams.  If you felt so inclined, we'd appreciate your anonymous input here.

BBQ tonight pictures.

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