By Ingeborg


Fellow Blipper gblrps can make the most fantastic twirling images and has kindly guided me to a FaceBook group called TwirlThis where people post amazing creations. I have been rather busy this past week trying to get my knowledge up to date for my first guiding tour of the Mattemburgh Estate this coming Wednesday and with the 30 days of composition challenge but when I have the time I do a twirl image now. You can use any image for it, even the worst mistakes, the twirl above started as a rather messy icm shot of the front garden flowers :-) If you want to know how to do something similar to this, see for example here

Which brings me to this coming week's Abstract Thursday theme, as always naturally the theme is optional, theme: superfartnarkling, meaning you can go totally OTT in Photoshop/Affinity or any other editing program you have or use lots of apps. If you don't have those or don't feel inclined to fartnarkling just take/make the most abstract shot you can :-) The tag will be AT218. I didn't have time to comment on all your entries for last week but I did sprinkle stars on all of them.

Here's the list of last week's specials:
craftylady        paperweight reflections
hinden              intriguing metal (or is that glass) reflections
RobBris50       colourful  watery reflections
Andrew44        a kaleidoscope of green bottle reflections
JohnRH            reflections of the times ;-)

Thanks you so much for all the entries, I'm looking forward to Thursday's new collection !

And thank you for the kind comments, stars and heart for yesterday's hidden Rudbeckia !

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