On the road...

By johnsmiley1321

Peeking out of the brambles

Nothing like sleeping in, watching Sunday Morning, getting my hairs cut and then headed over to see my dad. I knew he hasn't had coffee in awhile so I brought a small cup over to him along with the mints he likes just in case. He was sleeping when I first got there but woke up after hearing my voice.

His voice was so very soft and he looked so frail but we managed nearly 2 hours of talking about nothing, I was able to calm some fears and put on two more blankets as he was a bit cold. I was very happy as he drank two big swigs of coffee, a quart of water but wasn't in the mood today for the mints. I also noticed though his memory wasn't very good today... sigh.. He couldn't even remember my mom's old sisters name.. I hope is was just a bad day sort of thing.

Back home I chopped down the dandelion forest, gave the birds some fresh water and just did a little of nothing much. A lovely way to spend a Sunday. Headed to Albany Oregon tomorrow...

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