Purple bally things

I should probably find out what this plant is actually called.  For now it's the plant of purple bally things.  I like it.

We actually slept in this morning - then both regretted it as we felt rather groggy.  Think that was the heat too, though.  Anyway, once we were up and about and feeling a bit more human, Tim got on with a bit of bike maintenance and I took my bike out for a rather hot ride.  I went along the Thames path though, so there was a nice breeze coming off the river - and the smell of the sea :)  I got as far as Greenland Pier, then cycled back home, via a few photo stops, including this one in Greenwich.

Walked over to a nearby shop with Tim to collect a parcel (a new filter for our air purifier), but had a pretty easy afternoon after that, mostly just hiding from the heat (not really possible in our flat, but we tried our best). 

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