Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

By popular request...

... the biggest baggiest frock in the village! I aimed for something that only touched the shoulders!! It's the same width all the way up from the gathered edge, and it means my shoulders will be out of the sun which feels sensible.

I carried on with the sewing today, making the bag on the sofa (printed ages back), and cutting out a sleeveless top in bright cerise, and finishing off a yellow sleeveless dress I found half-made in a cupboard. I have NO memory of making it at all but the material is the same as a dress I made for Keith's Mum. Since she died in 2006, there is probably a gap of nearly 20 years from starting to finishing! I have also started renovating my most favourite purple baggy vest, so worn it can't be stitched without falling apart. So I chopped the top part off it and will make a new edge for the neck and sleeves - it will be shorter but ok, and I'm turning it inside out as it's a better colour! Such fun having a machine that cooperates with me!

I spent 2 hours pulling up lupins and enormous clumps of grass, and brambles. The messy slope is turning into a lovely open space, much bigger than we remember it, nice surprise. Then we drove to town and listened to three female radio correspondents speaking about the work they do on Swedish Radio (public broadcasting), mostly on P1 which is the "talk station" I listen to a lot. There are two dozen journalists all over the world, reporting for Swedish radio - a lot for a small country like this. They are all excellent, and the quality of reporting is really high. All three came across as smart, resourceful, ethical, professional journalists - it was a delight from start to finish and the theatre was packed with citizens wanting to listen to them.

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