David J. Rose

By djrose007

The rainforest is alive and well and.......

The rainforest is alive and well and living in Gloucester.
When we had the lawn dug up and the drive laid to the resin gravel they also, at our request, took down a very large Silver Birch (stump in the foreground). It was a reluctant choice but the roots were in danger of lifting the resin after a few years and it has always been a royal pain in the neck for cars parked beneath it. It would deposit it's own resin all over the car, plus millions of seeds which block my MX-5 drain holes and recently caused a flooded footwell and boot.
Behind the Birch it was just barren earth and fallen twigs. Now that the Birch is not sheltering that area from the rain it has sprung into life over the past couple of months and green stuff is growing, plus that funny silver plant, that I can never remember the name of, which I dug in just for somewhere to put it.

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