By Ridgeback13


Strange day (again!). Up very early to finish the last bits of clearing up and sorting and was ready way too soon so went for a bacon roll and cup of tea before the builder and removal men came. Set them all off then into work for series of ok meetings and a bit of time to catch up and sort out. V came with me to see how the work’s gone on the first day in the flat (extra- the bathroom’s gone already!) then to help me take the last bits up to the new place. Unpacked, did some washing and some work. So strange being somewhere new and everything being so unfamiliar. Settled down with the fireworks concert on the radio and an amazing view of the display over the castle. Felt like it was marking a change point for me....quite the moment..... so it was ideal for this week’s monoMonday challenge!
R phoned during the display. Rather dramatic sad news. It’s going to be a difficult time ahead for them all....after all these years.

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