By iamwillproject

Emerge and see

“Emerge from the darkness & see the light” rolls off my tongue on occasion while volunteering within my city. Drug and Alcohol addiction help begins with a trusted resource for drug and alcohol addiction information and help. It’s a simple matter of knowledge equating to power. When WE conduct ourselves as informed citizens within our communities, the likelihood of proving helpful when a circumstance calls for some level of intervention is great. You could be a trusted resource.

At the risk of coming across as though I’m preaching, I’d highly recommend anyone & everyone to familiarize themselves with their community addiction services & resources. Should an opportunity arise to pass along potential life-saving information to an individual seeking to make an effort at sobriety - you’d be in a position to facilitate by simply investing a bit of your downtime to learning more about the risks of various substances, potential local lifelines to escape addiction, & sites offering low or no-cost rehabilitation services along with relapse prevention strategy assistance. By happenstance, you may inadvertently play a profound role in forever altering someone’s course for the better.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and WE can all afford illumination.

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