Old Timer.....

....and his Rolls Royce.

He said he was younger than his wife by five years sitting next to him, she was 91.

He has owed this one of three Rolls Royces ever made for many years and was keen to tell me about. Insured for £130,000, runs like a dream, does about 12 to the gallon and is quite comfy to drive he said. 

Look at the steering wheel in extras and I'd beg to differ.

Also a wider shot of him and his Mrs of nearly 70 years ------>

We've had a great bank holiday Monday.

First of all I was up and out on the mountain bike at 8:00am for a fantastic ride in the cooler air, riding in and around Kinver and also over the edge. Three hours bagged before Claire and I went out with her family.

First of all we went to the Enville Estate fair, where there was a lot going on with a big crowd of people to go with it. We only stayed there for about an hour before heading to our favourite August bank holiday beer garden at The Fox.

We were a little disappointed there was no live music this year but we entertained ourselves with fun and games. We had a good turn out of family and friends, before we knew it, it was going dark and the long weekend was coming to an end.

Mr Bo Hingles

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