By JohnW

From BBQ to Plate

Yesterday I said that I could blip the barbi another time.
Tonight is that other time, along with dinner.
With the hot weather these couple of old codgers are leaving it until things cool down before they eat, which tends to mean a gas light dinner.  Biskit eats in the dark, but it doesn’t seem to worry him as we are close by.
Lagging behind with blipping at the moment - trouble with Mrs W’s pooter installing the latest version of Office.  The version supplied through Amazon proved to be an illegal sale (developer licence being sold to a home user) and we have had problems ever since.  We are now getting a refund from Amazon, but Microsoft auto updates have made a hash of the pooter and they have been logged into it remotely for the best part of a day or so now trying to install a legal copy from them.  B***** Windows 10 !!!!!!!!

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