By dfb24

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....or maybe sharing is stalking, as I saw a picture online of some kind of waterbug eating a small bee! And here we have one small bee and some kind of waterbug, so I'm hoping the waterbug's intentions are good!  Last night Tom was cleaning out a drawer and found his first mobile phone--one of those old flip phones--so he gave it to Mae, who was thrilled to death until she found out it didn't play videos. Then she decided it was still okay because she could use it to call her mama......or the police. My daughter asked her why she'd want to call the police, and she said that  Miss Lupita, (her day care teacher), had told them that if you were ever afraid or in trouble you could call the police, tell them your name and where you live, and they'll come help you. So my daughter tells her, yes, you would dial 9-1-1 for an emergency, but never ever when you're just playing around. So I'm in the kitchen this morning, baking my cookies, and this is the conversation I hear from Mae, who is playing with the (fortunately unconnected) phone.
 "9-1-1! 9-1-1! There's a mergency!! I pinched my thumb in the phone. It really hurts. I'm Princess Anna & I live in Arendelle Castle. You'll come right away? Okay. Bye."   :))))
Thanks to Nickimags for hosting TinyTuesdays this month. 

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