Copenhagen and Me.

By RtCph

Pant Collecting

As the UK finally remembers that deposits on bottles was a good thing, the Scando lands have had it for decades; it's called Pant. The regulations are for everyone wishing to sell in DK except wines & spirits. At 13p per can and 40p for 3lt bottles it has long been a way for pensioners to pick up a little extra pin money. However, the Romanians have found out that we throw money away and the streets are littered with kroner ...or at least that's what they are told on TV. But there is only so much to go round so there are now bands of Romanian organised begging groups (and petty crime). 

I Blip this because yesterday I saw a very sad/ironic sight of a newly arrived roman pressing the wrong button on the machine (it's all automated) and giving away his days takings to charity.

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