By GracieG

A Sparkling Day on the Beach

B, H and I walked along the shore line between West Runton and Cromer and back again, just under 6 miles.  Despite very high temperatures the sea breeze was cooling and refreshing.  This photo was taken into the sun and shows the end of Cromer Pier in the background.
The extra shows the Cromer Shoals Chalk Bed.  I have never seen this before but it was almost at low tide, and so was exposed just under the water's edge.  I have included some information about this below.

Dubbed ‘Britain’s Great Barrier Reef’ the Cromer Shoals Chalk Bed, created when dinosaurs ruled the earth, has been found to be the longest in the world – and it’s so close to the shore you could skim a stone out to it.
At over 20 miles long, the 100-million-year-old reef is one-and-a-half times longer than the Thanet Coast chalk reef in Kent, the former record holder.
Discovered less than ten years ago, the reef is just 25ft under the sea’s surface and has now been made a Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs. With an area of 315sq km it’s larger than the Broads National Park.
And it's part of the chalk seam that stretches across England and includes the White Cliffs of Dover and the White Horse Hill Carvings in Wiltshire.

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