Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Friends, sunshine and shade

Well, after 8 days I have moved on to food, which is a good thing as we had visitors for lunch in the garden! The first couple of days I eat very little, to ease back into normal food, and it felt like hard work all that chewing on salad. This will pass!

Lovely to spend time with Jonna and Gustaf who we have got to know better through the Left Party - the place to go if you want to meet interesting people it seems! They have an allotment and brought gifts of their produce which we made into salad, with a big tin of feta cheese th at they  also had with them. Very generous! It was far too hot to sit in the actual sunshine, so we kept moving the table into the shade. Had to do that a few times as the conversation doesn't stop.... How lucky we are to have people to share time and space with, and in a warm sunny garden no less. A lovely afternoon, and one that I hope will be repeated! 

In the morning I sewed some more, and this evening I made up the top I cut out yesterday. I think I'll soon be into overkill if I don't restrain myself! We have to pack and really work out what needs to go with me. When that can be done is a good question. I'm on a political course all day tomorrow learning how to be an excellent board member, and just discovered I'm doing something political on Saturday too. I feel glad to be useful, but could do with another day in this particular week. A feeling I'm guessing many will recognise!

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