Little Friends

We went round to my sister in law's this afternoon for our nephew's birthday (Dax, who is 48 now!). We used to take him and his sister downtown a few years ago, when he was 5 and his sister 3. Just a little while ago.
They are looking after the two dogs in the photo, Biscuit and Crunch. Biscuit is a Cava-Chon hence the bit of colour in his coat and Crunch a Maltese.
Our niece and her husband got them both when they lived in Singapore, he was working all around the Far East area, and they brought them home when they returned to the UK about a few years ago.
Jonty just loved the company, he relates very well to small dogs and I'm sure it reminds him of his life with Foxy. They spent a lot of time chasing each other around and around the garden, through the house and back out again, really enjoying themselves.
This is even more apparent when he is at doggy school and his little Chihuahua friend is there. (

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