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By Sallymair

Just because

I had a meeting at Norton Park today, which is just off Easter Road. This former church, St Mungos, forms part of the conference facilities there and I really looked at the building today for the first time.
I was amazed by the intricacy of the stonework tracery on the windows. It serves no real purpose other than decorative, but the amount of work that has gone into creating those curves and twists is incredible. It's absolutely beautiful and an extraordinary testament to the craftsmen who made it in presumably the late 19th early 20th century.
My meeting there wasn't till late afternoon so I set off from home at around 1pm and walked, pausing briefly to buy a stunning Boden, blue velvet, swing coat from the hospice shop. The only downfall being that I then had to carry it all day, but I certainly wasn't going to put it down having found it!
I had some lunch at Word of Mouth in Albert Street then carried on to Norton Park.
This evening Colin has been working on a timetable spreadsheet and I've been footering about doing nothing much all evening. First time we've had the house to ourselves for ages!
Steps today 16234. Weekly target achieved a day early, hooray

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