More Flowers Out Now

It has been a lovely sunny day with around 18c. Sure was a cold foggy start.

My Cymbidium Orchid is flowering well now and the other one will be out shortly too.

I had good news at my GP's today my CT Colonography results came back clear. The pain I am getting must be coming from IBS.

Straight after my CT Colonography on Firday my GP got a very agitated phone call from the Radiologist because they saw the damaged to my T9 and T10 Vertebra and were really worried. I had a Aneurysmal Bone Cysts back in 1994 that destroyed 80% of the bone in those Vertebra. I had Radiotherapy for a month and so far so good. The treatment stopped it growing any more. My GP said to them to find my last CT scan to see if there was any change. They found one from 2003 and it still looked the same. So that's good!

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