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By HarlingDarling

Bit weird

Early start, off to town for an all day meeting that started at 8.30. 
Except it's tomorrow.
Me and numbers, not close friends at all.
So I have an early start tomorrow and will be off to bed soon.
Nice to be home on a lovely sunny day.
A lot.
Pondered if, and in that case how, the news from the UK could get worse.
There is always room for yet more deterioration, but this is a very low water mark.
The PM with no moral code, no visible ethics, and backers who you would not want to meet on a dark night in a back alley.
Or anywhere else.
I am so tired of this manipulative, combative style of politics.
Longing for some real consensus work to be done.
Here's hoping.
Anyhow, ny day began with finishing off a very thick book I have really enjoyed. 
Marion Keyes, This Charming Man.
She is a fabulously clever and funny writer, amusing, page-turning stuff around the dark themes of alcoholism, depression, domestic violence and the usual catalogue of emotions in relationships. 
It was exhausting reading at times, and very moving.
Did I mention I sewed things?
A dress from scratch and another made out of a very full skirt that I'd decided to part with. 
It's made a fantastic dress, the material is dark blue and white batik and I now can't imagine how I thought I could send it to the second hand shop!
We swam in the big lake and it was lovely and fresh, around 17°C and so warm on the rocks once we got out. 
Then the itching started! 
That hasn't ever happened in the big lake before, the little one goes like this as a rule.
Apparently it's "something in the water, not dangerous".
I washed off when I came home.
Then off to town for a get together with old colleagues of Keith's, people we have known for at least 25 years!
We ate dinner in a restaurant by the water, in the bright light of evening.
The blip is of the lovely Marie, speaking to the equally lovely Börje.
Home now and soon to hit the hay, apparently I have a big day ahead of me in a few short hours.
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