Looking for the beauty

By looking4beauty

Euphoria Crete day 10

Today was our last day with the car so we decided to go a bit further afield to the next main town along the coast, Rethymnon. We followed the main highway and it was quite easy to find but getting off the highway and finding our way was quite tricky. Eventually we reached Rethymnon and found a car park close to the beach. The carpark man gave us a map and directions and we headed towards the old town. It was quite a trek in the heat but definitely worth it. There is a lovely old port, a castle and lots of shops and small streets with tavernas like Chania. The views up on the castle ramparts were spectacular but it was extremely hot with little shade. I think I preferred the old town to Chania but leading up to it was a bit Torremolinos-y!
As it was such a trek back to the car and we were burning, we decided to try the Lime scooters that were abandoned all around us. They were good fun and we soon arrived back.

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