Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Whisky and burninate

Feeling like Trogdor today. Burninating the villages and thatched cottages.


Another way of looking at it is that I finished my resignation letter, printed a couple of copies (one for the medical director and one for the director) and stuck 'em in envelopes ready to leave on their desks this weekend (we'll stop in on the way to IKEA - again - to properly scope out office furniture once we've measured soon-to-be-my new office tomorrow).

Got a call from the Medical Director today. I was in the middle of seeing a patient, so he said he'd call back "getting towards 5pm". I didn't hear from him.

I will admit that my choice of words - that I could "give [him] a couple of minutes" - was quite calculated, but still...

Then my phone goes with a private number at almost 6:30.

Sod. That.


Lettr; Flickr.

Also coffee.

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